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Hotel San Pedro, presents the program CONFIDENCE TO THE TRAVELLER, program of prevention, hygiene, disinfection and sanitization, with the objective to guarantee the health of its guests and collaborators.

In San Pedro, we implement the most effective sanitary measures to offer memorable experiences in a safe environment, from the arrival of our guests, clients and collaborators, contemplating public areas, elevators and even the room, following the recommendations of official organizations such as the Government of Mexico, the Ministry of Health, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), among others. Undoubtedly, these protocols will be key to resuming operations and facing this new normality.

All employees are trained in prevention, hygiene, disinfection and sanitation protocols, giving priority to hand washing, healthy distance, constant cleaning of work spaces and equipment, as well as the necessary accessories for their safety and that of those around them. These protocols include meeting spaces.

The 'TRUST IN TRAVELLERS' programme includes the following protocols:

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Check in & Check out

Installation of protective acrylics in each of the registration stations, to avoid direct contact with each of our guests and each guest will receive a kit with protection and hygiene products. (Covers mouths and gel)


Derived from the alliance with 3M, new prevention, hygiene, disinfection and sanitation protocols were created that include the following aspects for greater protection, safety and confidence of all guests:

1. Thorough cleaning of all spaces: corridor, carpets, floors, table, bureau, chair, sofa, bed, bathroom and shower.

2. Sanitation with 3M products approved against SARS-CoV-2 by the EPA.

3. Misting of the entire room. The new prevention, hygiene, disinfection and sanitation protocol includes three steps to ensure greater guest protection, safety and confidence

Food and drinks

In the restaurant, the capacity of diners is reduced, applying healthy distance between the tables and the number of people at each one. The service of (take away) is implemented and temporarily all the services of buffet will be removed, guaranteeing a greater protection in the food of the guests.

The hotel has the highest standards and certifications in the handling of food and beverages, as the "Punto Limpio".

To avoid using the physical menus, the restaurant will place the menu in visible places to avoid contact.

Increase in the frequency of cleaning and disinfection of public areas: reception, doors and corridors, elevators, with clear signs to respect the healthy distance.

Swimming pool

The pool will have a maximum capacity and the beds will be separated to ensure a healthy distance between guests. The frequency of disinfection will also be increased.


The hotel maintenance collaborators are responsible for the correct operation and hygiene of the air conditioning equipment, supply and correct application of all the products that are part of the program.

Valet parking

Complementing your safety, the valet parking staff will be responsible for sanitizing your vehicle during your stay at the hotel.

Flexible reservation policy

All reservation channels are open to flexibly reschedule changes up to 24 hours in advance.

WTTC Safe Travels

Hotel San Pedro Puebla

El WTTC (por sus siglas en inglés) ha creado los nuevos protocolos globales “Safe Travels®” para uso de la industria de Viajes y Turismo, y como lineamientos de mejores prácticas para ayudar a reiniciar y acelerar la recuperación del sector a raíz de la crisis por COVID-19. Si quieres conocer mas informacion da click Aqui.

Sello de Calidad Punto Limpio


En Hotel San Pedro se incorpora el sello de calidad Punto limpio® de Sectur federal, que tiene como objetivo propiciar la incorporación de buenas prácticas de higiene en los modelos de gestión de las micro, pequeñas y medianas empresas turísticas, a fin de proteger la salud de sus clientes, de sus trabajadores y de las comunidades. Si quieres conocer mas informacion da click aqui.

Protocolo Seguridad Sanitaria PYME