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Hotel San Pedro Puebla

Enjoy the beautiful architecture of Puebla, a UNESCO World Heritage City since 1987. We leave every day from the Zócalo of Puebla accompanied by a certified guide who will also be characterized by some famous personage of our city: La China Poblana, El General Ignacio Zaragoza, a friar, etc. Your guide will tell you the history and legends of the city, which was founded in 1531 by the Spaniards. You will tour the historic center of Puebla passing by the Cathedral, the Barrio de Los Sapos, Barrio de Analco, the Convention Center and the Centro Cívico 5 de Mayo. At this point, at the Fort of Loreto, we will make a stop so that you can enjoy the view of the city and imagine what it was like on the day of the Battle of May 5th. You will have time to take some pictures and share them with your friends as well as taste the traditional "Tortita de Santa Clara". Afterwards, the tour continues passing by the Centro Expositor, Museo de la Evolución, Teatro Principal, El Parián, El Barrio del Artista, Calle de los Ducles, Casa de los Hermanos Serdán (where the Mexican Revolution began and you can still see the bullets on the facade) and finally the Palacio Municipal. We finish the tour in the Zócalo of the City. Puebla Tramway, 50 minutes panoramic tour. After this tour, you will take the memory of all Puebla.