San Pedro Boutique

We are a boutique dedicated to offer high quality products of the region in the concepts of food, beverages, handicrafts and souvenirs.

Licor Yolixpa Siete Rayas

It is a drink prepared by the infusion of many original herbs from the Sierra Norte (northern highlands) of Puebla , the handmade piloncillo Aguardiente.

Arrancame La Vida Gusano

The world famous "Mezcal de Gusano" Espadín rested in wood with agave worms. Woody aroma, smooth entry, oily texture, without forgetting the mezcal.

Arrancame La Vida Espadilla

8 to 10 years of maturation of the plant, Intense aroma, Bronco flavor and great character.

Arrancame La Vida Papalometl

The King of mezcals... designed for queens.
Agave of small pineapple, very sweet. Fine aroma and flavor, pleasant to the taste of the ladies.

Arrancame La Vida Mole Poblano

Unique in its kind, emblem of the poblanos. The mole is added to the mezcal in its third distillation. Ideal for pairings and specialized tastings.

Ancho Reyes Verde

Ancho Reyes Verde has a fresh, herbal flavor with sweet and sour notes of roasted pineapple and freshly cut green chile that intertwine to offer an experience that starts sweet and sour and ends in a herbal, spicy and refined finish.

Ancho Reyes Chile Ancho

Ancho Reyes Chile Ancho has an extraordinary velvety color, followed by sweet spices; a subtle acidity in the background, finishing with the frank smoky flavor of the chile ancho.

*In no case and in no way may alcoholic beverages be sold or supplied to minors.